Frequently Asked Questions

Family Photography Information

  • Where do family photography sessions take place?
  • Family photography sessions are typically done on-location in Montgomery County, Conroe, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Houston and Harris County. I also offer sessions in my natural light photography studio located down HWY 105 in Conroe.
  • When is the best time to book a family session?
  • I recommend booking a family session anytime that is cohesive with your family's lifestyle. Since I shoot for a candid and documentary approach to all of my family sessions, there's really no "good" time to book. It's more about when you are more comfortable and when you think you will be able to express yourself the most!
  • What time will my session take place?
  • All of my on-location family photography sessions take place approximately 1-2 hours before sunset, or right at sunrise. In order to get the same style of pictures that you see in my portfolio, it is imperative to shoot for this time of day. Studio sessions generally take place in the mid-afternoon or morning.
  • Are props used for any of the sessions?
  • In some situations, props can be used. However, because I aim to document your family the way that you are naturally, I do not have props on hand. However, if you have something special in mind, my go-to set designer offers many sets and designs custom ones. Be sure to check Tamara Wylie Designs out!

    With that being said, I do have my very own vintage blanket, quilt and afghan collection. You will catch me carrying one at each of my sessions, as I feel they give a unique touch to each session. I also order flower crowns from Tamara upon request. Depending on the style you want, there may be an extra fee incurred, or I do encourage that you can order directly from her.
  • What do I wear? Do you have wardrope options?
  • Wardrobe is so important when it comes to your family photography session. I am always happy to help pick out wardrobe. I also have a few pieces that you can find by visiting this blog post. There are some items not pictured, and if you'd like to do a wardrobe consultation, do not hesitate to let me know. One thing you may not know about me- I am kind of obsessed with clothes.

On-Location Sessions

  • How long can I expect my session to last?
  • Sessions are an hour at a minimum, and top out at between 2 and 6 hours in total length, dependent upon the type of session. When you book your session, be sure to check the description for the maximum length of time the session will span.
  • What happens if my session exceeds the maximum time alloted?
  • Sessions that exceed their maximum allotted time will be charged, at the photograher's discretion, a rate of $150 per hour, in units of 30 minutes. This means that when a general session exceeds its two hour limit, you are charged $75 and the maximum time is increased to 2:30. If the session extends beyond that, another $75 is charged and the time is increased to three hours, and so on and so forth.
  • How many people can be part of an on-location session?
  • In order to make your session a relaxing, fun, and memorable experience, on-location sessions should include only immediate family members, unless otherwise approved before the day of the session.

Payments & Products

  • How do I pay for my session?
  • You can pay online via paypal, by clicking the appropriate link on the homepage. I also accept credit, debit, check, and cash via an in-person transaction.
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Yes. In order to confirm your reservation, a deposit of half of the total session price is required. Please note that your session time block is not finalized and reserved until a deposit or payment in full has been received.
  • What products are included with my session?
  • Your session includes my time and talent. I will post process a minimum of 25 images from your session, but prints are provided separately and individually, and are professionally printed on archival quality Kodak papers. These are real photographs, not inkjets. Any other products associated with your session are sold separately. RAW image files are not available for sale under any circumstance.