Who I Am

I am Andrea Surak, photographer.

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While there are many more important parts to a photo session, the equipment a photographer uses can't be overlooked. To that end, I use high quality, professional level Canon equipment, including a Canon 5D Mk III and two cubic feet of lenses.

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How I Shoot

I try to avoid overly posed photos. I want to catch the subleties found in natural human interactions: the body language, the looks, the twinkle in the eye of a woman deeply in love with a man. I strive for lightly posed photos in a candid environment. I want to make your session with me fun, confortable, and relaxed, becuase when it comes down to it, the moments I capture are supposed to be yours for a lifetime. Together, we can make that happen.

Why I Do It

Our lives are filled with memories. Some memories are bigger and more important than others, some we'll want to instantly forget and most will be forgotten over time nonetheless. Still, there will always be memories that we want to hang onto forever, we grip them with all we're worth and we never let them go. Those are the memories, the moments, that we need captured, printed, and hung on the walls in our favorite places so that we can hold those memories forever, and our children, and our children's children can keep them and pass them on, and in that way, those memories never die. That's why I started this journey for myself, and now I'm here to help you along on your own journey. So, to book a session, click the link below and

Let's do this.